Best Podcasts for Preschoolers

Best Podcasts for Preschoolers

Now that my daughter is going to school, we spend at least 20-30 minutes in the car each day. Instead of using the iPad to entertain her, I wanted to try something that would spark her imagination and wouldn’t be “screen-time.” She has sticker books,coloring books,and some of these great Melissa and Doug Water Wow coloring pads.We also talk to each other in the car (imagine that!). But there are days when she is tired after a long day at school and wants to sit back and decompress, but not sleep. This is where podcasts have saved us. She loves listening to them. I actually like listening to them,and can tune them out when I need to focus on driving. The act of listening to a story and creating the images in their imaginations is a great car activity for young kids. They are not passive consumers of information, but are actively creating as they listen. Here are our favorite (free!) kids’ podcasts that are appropriate for preschoolers:

1) Story Pirates!
This radio show lets kids write stories. The hosts read the original stories, and then they re-create them as radio plays. At the end of each show, they telephone the child author and interview them. This podcast is really funny for kids and adults (although some of the sound effects and voices can be jarring/annoying to adult ears).

2) Sparkle Stories
This podcast tells a series of original stories with repeating characters.The stories are soothing,entertaining, and tackle life lessons like sharing,saying sorry, and being grateful.

3) StoryNory
Another podcast with original stories and many old favorites like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and “Goldilocks.” The narrators are great and the stories are entertaining for kids.

4) Brains on!
This is a GREAT science podcast for kids. They cover *important* topics like why we have boogers, why we fart, why dogs sniff things, etc. They also have shows about weather, volcanoes, outer space, and every kid-freinedly science question you can think of. My daughter LOVES this podcast. She literally squeals when it plays. Their motto is:”We’re serious about being curious!”

Hope you all enjoy these podcasts as much as we do! Oh, and to listen to the podcasts in the car, before driving I simply download them onto my iPhone, create a podcast “station” including all of these podcasts, and then hook my phone into my car’s radio. They play automatically, so I don’t touch the phone while I drive. And they also download automatically onto my phone if I set the podcast to “subscribe.”